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Corrlinks is an online platform which can be used to communicate with your friend & family members which are in prison due to any reason. This is very easy and speedy way to contact your friends or family. This is an email based application which can be used in your cell phone as well.

How does It work?

Corrlinks is created by the Federal Bureau of Prison. It is their official email system to communicate with the others which are staying outside the prison. It is safer than the other ways because these emails are directly opened in the computers which are in the prison. It looks and works just like other available email systems so you can use it with your ease. Because Corrlinks do not allow attachments so, there is a limit that you can only send a maximum of 13,000 characters in an email. If the Corrlinks do not approve you, you cannot use this application.

How To Start With Corrlinks?

Well, it is very simple to start and communicate with the Corrlinks. All you need to have a computer which is connected with the internet connection and have a valid email address. Now you need to give your email address to the person you want to communicate, but he is in the prison. He/she will go to the official webpage of Corrlinks by visiting the link. Here he/she need to initiate a request so they can communicate with you. In response, you will receive an email which contains the communication request with you. Now you also need to create the Corrlinks account, to start the procedure. You also can register yourself and send the communication request to the person who is in the prison. All you need to have is his/her prison number with you. Corrlinks also give you the facility to block any request if you do not want to communicate with anyone.

How To Get Registered With Corrlinks?

If you are already registered, then you just need to go simply to the main page of Corrlinks and put your email address and password and enjoy the facility. But if you are a new user it is also very simple to get registered. Just go to the webpage and click on the button “New User” to create your user details. It is always very important to read the terms & conditions so you can understand completely. After creating your account rest is very simple all you need to do is just to sign in with your details and send and receive communication requests.

What If Someone Is Using A Cell Phone?

Well, no problem if you are not using a computer or laptop, if you are using a mobile device you also can use this application on your android, windows, or iPhone mobile phone. You can download the application depending upon which mobile phone you are using, because nowadays we see different mobile phones with different application stores. If you are using an Android device, then go to the PlayStore and type “Corrlinks” in the search box. If you are using an iPhone, then the application can be searched in the Apple Store. For the window mobile users, they can search and download the application from the App Store. After downloading the application, just use your user details to sign in.

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