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Google has launched a new website with the name Google Finance on 03-21-2006. This website is engaged in providing services related to business news, marketing trend, economic growth etc which has given the maximum benefits to the large scale organization in order to know the current business situation and can make decision according to it. Corporate actions and major news are being shown in Adobe Flash. There is another feature of this website is to provide information of large scale corporations.


  • You must have Google account to access all part of this service


  • Visit this site and access login to your account by adding your username and password easily.
  • If you are not registered here then click on “Create an Account” button to create new profile
  • Complete the all registration steps and login to your account.
  • See the black main menu at the top of the page click on “More” option and choose “Finance”.
  • Click on the button “Add to Portfolio” button at the top of the page to track the stock.
  • See the pricing list and purchase shares which you want to buy.
  • Google finance will track your pay packet against these stocks.
  • You can click on the button “Add transactional date” and add some details like type, date, shares, price, commission and notes and click on “add to portfolio” button.
  • You can questions at the forum for the discussion and you can get answers of the related question that you have in your mind.


  • You can access Google dynamical trends easily.
  • You can get news for finance and economical situations.
  • You can get market values and stock news.

Closing Statement:

Google Finance has resolved the problem related to your business finance. Now you can contact with any of corporation for view business portfolio and marketing situation for next decision.

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