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Do you have email account at MSN? If you have not yet then are missing some amazing features for getting emails. MSN is now providing your email client server like MS outlooks, MSN stores, Skype, MS office, MS One note, One Drive, Maps and Xbox service with one MSN account. You have to just create online account here to get these all service that can be accessed via your MSN account. You are now provided secure email account to get your emails and instant messages there. You can now get register for your online account easily by following these simple guides here

How To Register?

  • Follow this link and sign in to your msn account.
  • Provide “Email or phone” and “Password” and press “Sign in” button.
  • If you don’t have a Microsoft account then click on “Sign up now” link to create a new account.
  • Now fill the registration form and provide your name detail like “First name” “Last name” and “Username”.
  • Enter “Password” and must be contain 8 character minimum.
  • Provide “Country” “Birthday” “Gender” “Country code” and “Phone number”.
  • At the last enter character of the image and press “Create account” button.
  • Now manage your profile and enjoy your account.

About Email Service:

The world’s most usage email service is known as MSN and it was launched in 1995 at 4 August. This email service enables all internet users to meet each other and allowed to send messages over internet. It made revolution in mailing service and people started connecting with each other via internet instead of sending letters to each other via P.O Box address.

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