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If you are looking to access Netgear router login then there is simple and easy way to access account. To access account it is important to connect your router with internet connection or local area network. After that it is necessary to install your router with your network. In many cases as you will connect your router with internet it automatically starts installation process but sometime configuration is required. After installation you need to login into your wireless account to access the administration panel. To access the secure access to administration panel it requires secure login detail to avoid unauthorized details.

How To Login?

You can login in your account by following method.

  • First of all start your Windows PC and go to start menu and open command prompt.
  • After that type there “IPCONFIG” with the same format in the black window and after that click on the button Enter
  • As you will enter the button the IP address and default gateway setting will be appeared below.
  • It will be like or
  • After that open your internet browser that is installed in your computer and type gateway number in your browser and press enter.
  • As you will enter the prompt window will be appeared in front of you enter your username and password.
  • If you will provide correct details then you will access your account where you can change the administration panel to change the settings.
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