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Poptropica is online gaming service that is created for kids. This online gaming service is giving your kid quality time to learn amazing lesson while playing games. This gaming service has created this app for kids to give those learning skills for different subjects like mathematics, English, sciences and other subject in which your kid needs more attention. Now try some new method for learning lesson by skipping old learning method. Now day’s kids want some creative and practical knowledge to get learning skills.


  • Click on this link and access membership online.
  • After access the homepage click on “Membership” button.
  • On the next page click on “Get membership button.
  • Now select you plan “1 month” “3 month” or “6 month”.
  • Enter “Username” and “Password” to login to your account.
  • Press “ok” button.
  • If you are new user? And your child is not a register member on this website then click on “New player” button to create your account and complete the registration process step by step.
  • After accessing your account you can access membership application.

Parents can create online account to buy games for your kids and can check about kid activities. They are different island adventurous games for you kid to play. If you want to get this app on your mobile then you can download this app on your phone or tablet to play games by this link . You can get customized t-shirt for your favorite game characters by ordering them online here.

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