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When it is about getting money, we all want it fast. We mostly feel that we have been given less money and we deserved more. Money is almost like a mirage that we are running behind. We run behind more money and that is always happening. Very rarely, do we get the amount we want. To be honest, it is more like a momentary joy, something which has a short life. Though, while giving money, we all are extra cautious. We count & we calculate, not once, but several times. As a proof of our payment, we request for receipts. After all, we gave money to a person/ organization records need to be maintained to avoid any confusion in the future.

Pay stub or payslip as it is known commonly is a record, which is given to an employee. It generally has description of a person’s salary with details as amount of gross salary, deductions if made any, benefits, employee contribution for pension funds and similar financial items.


  • With rapid changes and the growing trend of almost everything online, an online pay stub facility will help you in quick access of details related to your salary.
  • There is no payment or fee charged from you to open an online account.
  • It is your personalized financial space at the company with only you having access to it.
  • You can access even when you are on the move and are traveling.
  • Choose & avail a suitable mode of access to it. Access options- online (email) & cell phone (SMS email).

It would be available online, every first day of the week, before the week when the payslip is generated.  So you can pay your bills at ease and purchase without any worries.

How To Access?

  • Visit .
  • Here, press the button of portal of pay stub.
  • Registered users can log in by sharing date of birth, 9 digit ID, facility number & PIN number.
  • New users need to click on Register now.
  • Fill in your date details related to your birth. Also, share your 9 digit ID and facility number.
  • Then, click on “submit” to complete registration.

Employees can request for it in two conditions. One, in case the employer has already deposited the salary in your account. Then, it acts as a summary of the deposit. Two, while receiving the salary cheque, it can be attached along with, to maintain clarity in the money transaction.

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