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As per the current database on March 02, 2013, it was recorded that Urban Dictionary has the capacity to store more than 7 million words definitions through online web service. Number of visitors of this website is volunteer editors. This dictionary includes numbers of definitions which adds descriptions as well as definitions. In order to search out phrases and words, it is very easy for this dictionary to avail this. You can get all the view such as conservative and progressive view by using this service. You can get true definition of it. Arrangement of words and phrases are just according to your requirement.


  • You must have proper knowledge of the word.
  • Need to know all its grammatical terms.


  • Go to this site by clicking on this link this link will take you the exact page.
  • On the home page see the tabs horizontally present on the top of the page click on “Add” option.
  • As you will click on it a form will be appear where you can add details.
  • First of all add word that you want to add in your dictionary.
  • After that add description of the word by giving sentence examples, phrase, adjectives and other grammatical terms.
  • Type example by using this word to explain its use.
  • Enter tags like synonyms, antonym, misspelled and related words, but it should be at least five.
  • Provide your email address and click mark on email notification subscription option and click on “Send To UD” button.


  • By adding word you can enhance power of dictionary and people can gain new word knowledge.
  • You can add or delete words and can get email notification for new words.

Closing Statement:

It provides you friendlier environment that provides you creativity and encouragement which gives you different funny characteristics of definitions. It helps you increasing interest of tween in words.

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