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Discovery Tech book is a comprehensive program replacing conventional textbooks. It is a new thing that drives forward digital transformation, as well as supports all your standards. Whether your area possesses only one computer for a student or one PC per classroom, the Tech book engages students and support teachers, all this leading to bringing learning alive. It presents educators in the US, free trials for using Tech book through the month of June. Share exclusively with teachers you know.

You can subscribe to Discovery-the monthly Education newsletter (be informed about news, development opportunities, special events, and service enhancement). It’s important for students that they get varied exposure to great content for them to really understand and learn it. It is a valuable store for this, helps provide videos, media, and visuals depicting things students will not get a chance to see, neither have been exposed to.

Benefits Offered:

It does a job of transforming classrooms, empowering teachers as well as captivating students, by giving dynamic, content for district schools, large; small; suburban; rural and others with ultimate goals of speeding up achievements of students. Their services are now available to over a million teachers and millions of students all over the globe including in Singapore, US and Canadian schools. But the biggest achievement is working together with school districts and helping transform learning and teaching processes to facilitate students in reaching high potentials.  By bringing this learning alive, the districts get a very positive impact; it helps satisfy teachers, and guides curious and interested students to reach out to the ultimate prize-superior performance of students.

Step By Step Guide To Sign In:

Enter the pass code and login to the portal. Pass code is basically the password and the username that has been registered by your school. In case you have not received it yet, contact your school authorities or its customer care.
Engaging digital, rich media and interactive textbooks, coupled with professional assessment and development methods, this program take the students up and beyond their classrooms. Each school is singular like the technology fueling the classrooms. The program ensures services remain available as per the choice of the students, wherever and whenever you require them, with high-quality experiences each and every time.

Your peers across America, small or big, summarize impacts it has made. Anybody can subscribe to this service, get the monthly newsletter and be up to speed about new content, special events, professional development opportunities, as well as enhancements of the service).

Learn multiple learning approaches using about 155,000 digital standards-aligned resources, skill builders, audio files, images, videos, games, encyclopedia articles and writing prompts. Common Core provides assessment resources, instruction and curriculum for modern skills. Inspire students with award-winning content brought by it and taken from renowned producers of education. By merging robust content and CCSS-based tools, the Streaming Plus assists educationalists transform learning and teaching. Streaming gives current tools for current skills. Assessments, digital content and model lessons are designed for addressing ELA and math standards. Instructional tools and support give educators practical and actionable guides to implement CCSS for the classrooms. 155,000 quality learning tools known to help student achievement and engagement are adequately provided. Sign in today for amazing content!

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