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For competing and filing the application for child support at AOG Company in order to Establish Paternity you can see the steps below.


  • If you want to precede process in order to Establish Paternity then you will have to go through the proper registration and application process for this purpose which will be conducted online. In this regard you will have to visit this link as given .
  • After you will have the resulted page of the above link, you can see the further processing in this regard of Establish Paternity for child support. You can see all the services and their benefits or information provided by the company in this matter. As you are interested in application then you will have to click on the option named as “Apply For Service”.
  • After clicking on this option, you will be moved to the page where you can see the complete requirements, information and other terms and conditions which will be necessary and needed to you if you want to apply. On the page, you can get the complete idea about the documentation and other prohibited instructions so that you can carry on this application process accurately.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will be given some options in the regard of your requirement. As you want to Establish Paternity so that you will have to go to the first option in the given table.
  • In this option you can see the description and information about this service. For starting the application process you will have to click on the link named as “Apply Online” given on the side of the field.
  • After clicking on this link, you will get a briefing page that will contain the whole process information and the requirements for systems. Read all the instructions carefully first so that you may not get any confusion in this regard in future.
  • In the end of the page you can see the link named as “Click Here to Begin”. After clicking this link you can have the application form like page to be filled. At that page you will have to give the non disclosure information.
  • After filling this, you will have to provide the personal information of Custodial Parent. In this you will have to give your first name, last name and date of birth. After this you will have to mention your relationship with the child. After this complete the information regarding your license number, your location and social security number and other fields which are given.
  • After completing the process click on the “Continue” button below. Follow all the steps for this process so that you can establish the Paternity accurately.

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For having complete and reliable services in the regard of child support or for establishing the Paternity, OAG Company has developed many services for the ease of the customers. The processing can also be conducted online.

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