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This system is one of its kind in the sense that with it one can retrieve, follow up and above all take control of his/her education. This system can actually work well on most of the windows operating system but cannot works on Apple or MAC operating system but more is still being done by the people in charge so that this is made possible.
About Company:
CVS LEARNET is actually a company on its own and its services includes E-Learning programs together with linking the users to other similar programs that have ever existed. These services are one of the best in the world in that they give answers to online learning so that one acquires the professional skills so that he/she competes favorably in the job market and ensuring brighter futures for all the users.

  • To begin with you must have a computer running a windows version of operating system and ensure that it is actually connected to the internet.
  • The other most important thing to have is the user ID that is always found on the checks.
  • The other requirement that is need is a valid social security number.

Procedure To Follow:

  • On your computer open your web browser and visit the official website cvslearnet.cvs.com that will load and open up the homepage of the website.
  • Then you will be required to enter your employee ID and then followed by the password that is required to identify you and this is usually a four number of your social security number and can be found on the back of the your pays lip or you can get one from the person in charge of you area of work.
  • The next process that follows is that you will be required to actually change your password then verify that by typing in the last four digits of the social security number so as to proceed.
  • Then the final step is actually simple since you just click on the option, “Login” to get the access.
  • It is important that before using this system to ensure that you have been accorded the authority to do so as unauthorized persons’ entry into the system can be tracked by the system administrators and can have serious problems answering questions if found.

Being a unique system one can actually check here  training program at any time of the year, month, week and even day as the current employees are able to trace their current education level and also learn through the website itself and mark you this program gives semester learning material online. All said and done actually Learning at here is not just dream for everyone but it is also a reality to many who have gone through the system and mark you they are doing great out there in their futures.

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