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Are you one of them who know the theory survival of cutest? Are you up for experimentation with your attire at this regular evolving fashion world? If the answer is yes, then it is assumable that you are a regular visitor of Gap outlets because it is one of the most popular retail chain who comes with latest and trendy fashion statement for you. They have associates like Old Navy, Banana Republic, Pipilime, etc. It also provides their customer several benefits and one of them is its Card.

Benefits Of Card:

There are many benefits available for a customer who is a card holder. Few of them are:

  • Whenever you use your card to purchase anything you collect reward point which can be redeemed at their stores. You get $10 reward card for spending $200 using that card and get 5 reward points for every dollar you spend.
  • Apart from that card holder enjoys benefits like:
    • Special offers and discounts
    • Notification of latest arrivals
    • Deals at every Tuesday at Gap, Old Navy and Pipeline
    • Online Access to account
    • Online purchase
    • Special 15% less offer for limited time
    • Faster checkout time
    • Free shipping
    • Card is accepted at regular shopping places like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies and gives the card holder the opportunity to collect more reward points everyday.
    • Your account will be upgraded after you spend $800 using that card which will offer you many extra benefits.


  • Initially, you will require a computer with internet connectivity and a supported web browser with cookies option enabled.
  • You need to have a card. If you do not have a card already you can apply for that online or you can gain it from your next-door outlet. You have to fill up a form at their outlet and you will get your card after you purchase from them.

How To Register?

  • Visit official website at .
  • Click on register option.
  • Enter your account number and click on “Continue” button.
  • They will provide you detailed instructions. Follow them.
  • Next will be the validation process
  • Select security and image.
  • Next you will have the account summary.
  • As you complete the entire process note down your Id.
  • From now go to their website and click at log in option and provide your user ID to access your account.
  • Then you will find several options to manage and access available services.

Online Account Benefits:

It gives you furthermore option to manage your account online and for that you must register your card account services online. It is just like net banking facility of your bank account. It’s an easy and fast way out for a card holder to be up-to-date about his account. A card holder by registering online can easily avail facilities like:

  • Check balance
  • Pay bills,
  • View recent activities,
  • Check rewards

It’s a fast and easy process which saves your money, time and energy. So avail your card, register it online and start enjoying all its benefit. You can anytime access your account from anywhere.

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