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Have you ever heard about this facility? Now the Google Map has introduced a very new facility through which one can get the updates of his or her Android. As per accountability, it is now considering a new one application and people are using this facility with increasing volume day by day. Now everything has changed and it has also adopted this big change, actually in this world, everything depends upon the sense of word. Now people are going to reject trip. By this application Maps, everything is going streamline, friendly and smoother as compared to before.


  • You need to have android
  • Use this service by your android


  • Visit and access the world most preferable search engine.
  • See the main menu at the top go to more option and click on it for the “Even More” services.
  • Click on mobile and on the next page see the big header at the top center of the page and in mid of the slider or by scrolling down the page see the heading “Navigate your World”.
  • Click on the link “Google Maps for Android” under the heading click on it.
  • Next see the button and marked as “Download Google Map For Android” as you will click on it you will move to the site Google play where you will see the button “Install” button.
  • As you will click on it installation will be start and you can easily use this service.


  • Get direction by driving the car any where.
  • See the building, traffic information by using picture view.
  • This service is more reliable and correct.

Closing Statement:

Google has introduced a best solution for the offline mapping by releasing Maps 7.0 version. Now you can just express or can type as “Ok Maps” where you see search text field and get the desired results.

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