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The iphone application by Fandango has been redesigned for iOS 6 and the iphone 5 to back the new Passbook characteristic. Passbook will permit film theaters to output a standardized identification showed on your iphone’s screen to affirm your ticket buy. It sounds convenient in principle, however sadly, the Passbook execution in the Fandango application is presently elusive and without much direction.


  • Need to use the device for which you are installing app.
  • You need to have device charges in good conditions.


  • Visit this site by hitting on this link.
  • After access the home page of the site scroll down the page and see the mobile icon and list of different devices like “IPad”, “IPhone” , “Android” and “Win7” click on any link for which device you have.
  • If you click on “Android” then new page will be appear see the list of devices like “Get Fandango on Android, iPhone and other devices” and against it see the devices option list.
  • For example if you have android phone then click on respective link.
  • Next see the button “Install” click on it make sure that you are accessing this site by the appropriate device.
  • Next enter your device name by drop down menu and click on “Install” button.
  • You will see the option for installation.


  • By this service you will get notification of the movies and its trailers.
  • You can get ticket and locations easily.
  • Book you tickets online for movies and shows.

Closing Statement:

It’s absolutely impossible to record simply the theaters that back Passbook. You need to tap done and finished with every theater to uncover one that does. Most clients will probably consider, as I did, that Passbook “just lives up to expectations,” significance assuming that you purchase a film ticket by means of Fandango; you can utilize it within Passbook.

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