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Data Processing has reached new heights. ADP, a US business outsourcing provider, gives computing services to heavy equipment and automobile dealers. It has AAA credit-rating issued by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s (S and P). Henry Taub started Automatic Payrolls (1949) when was nothing, but a manual pay processing. The firm, in 1957, changed its name having gone completely automatic. It used punching cards, check-printing machines as well as mainframe PCs. In 1960, it went public with about 300 clients, over 125 workers and $400,000 in revenue approx.

After that, its earnings crossed $1 billion; checks processed being around 10% of America’s workforce. Come 1990, it was like an employer company. The solutions and products include, retirement services, multinational solutions, tax & compliance, benefits administration, mobile solutions, human resources,

HR BPO, time & attendance, payroll services, medical practice, small business,  vertical markets and industry, health care and reform, legislative updates, tax mandates, calculators & tools, tech flex and more were a part of its tools and resources. ADP’s visitors, associates, suppliers and visitors give them huge personal info amounts. Protecting privacy is the company’s primary mission and it is committed to transparency, wanting individuals to know how they use and collect info so they are able to interact with confidence. Links can help find info needed about privacy. If you have any other questions, contact ADP directly for details.

Tools & Resources:

The company now announces I Pay Statements, which is an all new advantage for associates. Through payroll provider, we offer access to earnings statements plus W-2. Additionally, you are able to effect changes to W-4 by typing up changes, printing form, signing, then forwarding filled up form for processing, to payroll. After registration, opt for automatic email being sent when current statements get available. Included in email are direct links to I Pay Statements site.

How Do You Register?

  • Check out .
  • Click, ‘register now.’
  • Enter registration code. Click on the “next” button.
  • Next verify your identity.
  • Create user id and password.
  • Select security questions.
  • Enter contact information.
  • Enter activation code.
  • Review your form and submit it.

Once you have registered, you can choose I Pay Statements as self-service. Now from your recent pay slip, enter following info:

  • Code: NZB pertaining to staff and faculty; HJF pertaining to grad students and students
  • File no.
  • Social Security
  • Advice or Pay date
  • Check advice or voucher no.

You’ll be asked to fill out registration process then requested to answer some security-related questions plus select password. This password should possess between 8-20 characters including one numeric and one alpha character. You’ll then get system-generated user identification. The security query is used for verifying ID in case you forget password or user ID. Upon completing process access pay statements through website. Through payroll provider, you’ll access earning statements plus W2 forms, 24×7.  Login to website to check pay and enter code as: Wilber-pay. Enter your personal information but don’t forget to log off when finished viewing payroll info. Be sure to enjoy all these new features which ADB is indeed glad to provide; a really exciting venue for viewing pay information.

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