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American Airlines has a parent in AMR which reported smaller losses for first quarter than around a year ago, on lower costs and higher revenues. US’s 3rd largest airways said it could have got $8 million after bankruptcy restructuring. The first quarter was weakest in the year, and was AMR’s 1st profit adjusted in period 2007. A small profit in the first quarter shows they’re off for this year. It latched on to the start, but one severe systems-outage served to ground all U.S. departing planes for many hours, stranding thousands of commuters. The airline struggled to recover, as cancellations were caused due to inclement weather.

US Airways was ready to file a reorganization plan . It geared for normal operations while a Judge knocked down severance deal for $20 million. The company fixed computer glitz’s and are confident they’ll avoid meltdowns in future. It lost about $ 341 million, for the 1st quarter, including the cost of restructuring, compared with $1.66 billion the same time last year. Revenue rose to 1% ($6.1 billion). Labor went down 17 %, saving $298 million when the airline cut jobs. Labor stands as the 2nd largest in expense after jet fuel. The company restructuring made costs competitive, compared to other airlines. It expects more savings in 2nd quarter, benefiting from new deals made with suppliers and vendors for items like aircraft leases.

Steps To Login:

  • Visit the official website at jetnet.aa.com .
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Once done, you can login to your own account anytime and can use it to book tickets, know about current news and offers and can cancel air tickets anytime from anywhere.

It is moving toward merging with US Airways; hoping to come out from under bankruptcy protection. If regulators approve said merger; this combination will stand as the largest worldwide. Once the deal gets sealed, mergers would have shrunk eight airlines to four. On the other hand, airlines limited seat supply and this helps with prices. It had the highest average ever in Jan-March period.

American’s on-time feat saw improvement in 1st quarter. But then it suffered the setback with the systems breakdown, causing great delays and subsequent cancellations. American, according to reports, canceled 140 flights and, American-Eagle (an affiliate), canceled over 300. Together, these two airlines do about 3,300 flights daily. American’s problems were Chicago and Dallas, where inclement weather disrupted flights, according to Federal Aviation. United Airlines or UAL, in Chicago, faced the same number of cancellations as American Airlines.

It stands as the latest in several going through bankruptcy trials as these airlines had no cash for upgrading all their systems, Now since most airways are making profits, it seems the bad tide is turning and airways now make some investments in the upgrading direction and others sectors that need vital money pumped into them for better performance,

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