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Government of Utah or republic of Utah has the power of attorney which has been bifurcated into three differentiated groups i.e. Judicial, Executive and Legislative. Under the approved constitution of the company, each department is performing its duty with full devotion and capabilities.


If you are going to file your claim for payment at this service, you have to provide your consent to the employer in order to determine the criteria eligibility for having all type of information even if this information is confidential just to apply in that. It is the responsibility of the employer that he provides all the necessary information under to company’s law and regulation, so that you can get the benefit of claim.


  • Need to have online account access
  • You must have you payment record and you need to apply for the unemployment benefits.


  • Go to the link and access the page to pay your payments safely.
  • On the page see the tab “Employers” and see the options under it “Unemployment Insurance” and click on it.
  • Next see the heading “Payments” and click on “Make A Payment Now” and see the next page opened.
  • Login to your account by adding your email address and password and click on “Sign In” button.
  • If you are not registered then click on “Click Here TO Sign Up Now” button.
  • Create your online account by filling online account properly. Enter first name, last name, email address, password, title and phone number and click on “Submit” button.
  • After that see you payment history and go for the claiming process and fill the claim form.


  • Claim for your unemployment payments easily by this service
  • You can easily access you benefits and other claiming services about the payments

Closing Statement:

Do not hesitate and keep in mind all information that you provide for your claim is kept private without the risk of its leakage.  You’re provided important information is considered as secret information and is kept away from other persons and contact will be made only for the relevant questions with your good-self in order to get claim. So step forward for entering in this site without hesitation and spend your few minutes here in order to execute your request.

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