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Kaspersky Lab is a Russian software developing company which was found in 1997. The main focus of this company is to develop software which can detect threats and viruses in the computing systems and delete the corrupted files as well as the viruses. The famous anti-virus launched by this company is Kaspersky antivirus which stands in competition with other anti viruses such as bitdefender, McAfee security, symantic etc. the official website of this company offers a list of its products along with the price details and the description of its work. You can also upgrade your installed antivirus from time to time by clicking the “Update” button and getting updates from official web portal.


If you have claimed a rebate on the official website of Kaspersky and want to check the progress on the claim, you can follow the procedure given below:

  1. Open the official web page of rebates status checking which is
  2. Enter the promotional number written on your rebate form in order to check the rebate status and click the “Search” button.
  3. You can also check your rebate status by providing your contact information including your name, address, and postal code and enter your tracking ID. Click the “Search” button to continue.
  4. The search results will display your desired rebate along with the status of progress made up up until now. You can contact the company officials in order to ask them to make the procedure faster.

You can also visit the official page in order to search for your desired topic or visit the “Frequently asked questions” section to seek help regarding your desired topic. You can also float your own question in this section in order to get answered by the official staff.

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