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Impressive, attractive, royal, classy, warriors, brave heart, disciplined and similar adjectives are used for them and yes we are talking about the army officers! For many, who have lived in the Army setup, the other setups are not that amazing as far as lifestyle is concerned. No wonder, a majority of the youngsters’ dream of becoming an Army officer. For many, it is one their many career options and for others it is their only career option.  We all trust them since they motivate us to serve our country just like they do.


  • Time is well utilized by using account.
  • No need to file papers records.
  • The account is technology supported and so you are able to make changes and update them quickly and you can use the service when you feel like.
  • This means that you can review and if required change the current information related to you. View recent pay statement too.
  • All recorded information is accurate as they follow similar checks applicable to the details recorded on paper.
  • You also have facilities like taking help from the customer support of DFAS in case you encounter problems in using your account or making pay changes, the details of both are available at


  • You require Social security number also referred to as SSN or a proof of an Alternative ID.
  • A PIN (personal identification number) is also necessary.
  • This apart, some other information based on the services you want to avail using myPay, will be required.

The best part is that a retired officer can continue using the same PIN which he used while in service. That ensures easy access to the officer’s retired account information.

How To Create Or Sign In?

  • Visit .
  • Log in with using your login ID and password.
  • Alternatively, create new users account.
  • Click the link “create an account”.
  • A popup page will appear, enter your SSN
  • Enter your password.
  • Click the button “accept/submit”.
  • If all this does not help, contact their customer support on 1-888-DFAS411 or 1-888-332-7411.
  • Call them on automated phone system 877-363-3677 if you have any problem in accessing your account.

Purpose Of Account:

It is equally important that the Army men could also depend on someone as far as their finances are concerned. They and their family deserve to be facilitated with a financial service meant only for them. After all when they feel secured, money wise, with no future worries in their mind, they will be able to concentrate better on the security of their country and its citizens. It is a thoughtful gesture to introduce the account. The DFAS, is also known as the Defence Finance and Accounting system and is a wing of the Department of Defence that keeps a note of leave, information related to their pay, statement of earnings and many other related matters.

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