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Edmentum is actually a form of a class but the only difference is that it is online based in that, the teachers are given chance to provide services to learners personally so that the students can realize success that everyone so desires.
About Company:
It has been in existence actually for the past half a century now and it has continued to provide quality award- winning programs ever since it commenced. Being based on the online way of teaching it provides education to millions of students who are located in more than 40,000 schools in countries like the Great Britain, The U.S and Canada as they all join hands to come up with ways of improving modern education for a brighter future of students. Just like any other online program there are procedures that should be followed in order for one to get access to the program online.
Actually the program is based on the Plato Course Ware that was first used in the 1960’s at the University of Illinois that is actually grounded on the principal of programmed logic for automated operations that ensures that quality education is actually in place and this made it the first computer assisted learning system that ever existed. Being a system of its own in order to get access there are requirements that need to be met before one becomes eligible to use it.
Requirements To Enroll?

  • You need to have the permission from your teacher in order to enroll in a particular class
  • You will be required to have the class Id that is normally provided by the Class teacher
  • Then the password that is provided to you by the same class teacher

The Procedure To Be Followed To Register?

  • Actually the procedure involves three simple steps and to begin with you will be required enter the Plato website ple.platoweb.com
  • Here to enroll click on the link “Need a PLATO Account for Self-Enroll?”
  • Next click on the button “Let’s Get Started”.
  • Enter you class id and class password.
  • Give user information and then verify your account and press message for successful membership.

Edmentum has a mission that guides all of its operations in that it explains its intentions and their influence to the society and in order to achieve that it also has co- values that enables them and some of them include respect, value for customers and education and above all they move with time and changes in the world of technology.

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