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PNC Mortgage Survey is a way that it intends to find out its performance from the views of the customers who take part in the survey. The opinions from the customers are meant to help the firm improve their service delivery.
The survey process is sorely voluntary and takes around a round 10 minutes because the procedure is actually simple.
Procedure For Participating:

  • Internet connection
  • A computer, laptop or similar device.
  • Invited from the here

Detailed Instructions:

  • On your computer open you web browser and the type the URL in the address bar.
  • Click on the brown button at the center of the screen so as to start taking part in the survey.
  • Click on the button almost to the bottom of the screen that is labelled “Take the survey!”
  • Then next check on the cover letter of the printed survey and type the survey number in the space that is provided then click “Take the Survey”
  • Answer the first three questions that requires you to give your opinion about the PNC Mortgage in general. The answers will be based on a 5 point scale which you will use to rate the services according to your satisfaction.
  • The give the reasons that made you choose PNC mortgage and hear you are given chance to select all that may apply from the list shown.
  • Scroll down to find the next question that requires to you give your opinion about the team members that assisted you with your loan. Here you will also give the rating on 5- point scale from extremely satisfied to N/A.
  • Continue down the page by answering the questions that follow according to what you are asked the when you are through click on the option “complete survey & submit” to finish the whole process.
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