Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are very essential to keep the decorum of a website and that is why actions are taken against those who deviate from these rules.  It operates the ways in which the website collects the data and the behavior of the users. The privacy policy helps in maintaining these ways and these ways don’t just limit to the website but these policies are also effective when you are using the services and applications offered by the website.

The Compliance of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

We do not entertain children and that is why we do not provide entry to the child who is younger than 13 years old. If we are to know somehow that any individual applying for membership is under 13 years old than we decline the application because the information of children is much more precious than any other.  We make sure that none of our content is appealing for the user who is less than 13 years old.

Feedback and the Comments

We are always more than welcome the users who provides with feedback because the feedback gives us a glimpse of yours and that is how we come to know about the psyche of our users. You can also provide us your comments through the posts which you can make as a reply to our posts. We will be happy to respond you via e-mail. You can post or comment anything you like but you are not allowed to cross your moral boundaries. Abusive language and inappropriate use of images is also strictly prohibited.

Visiting the Policy Page

It is essential for the users and members to visit the privacy policy regularly otherwise they won’t be able to know much about the latest additions and editing done on the page. Even if you don’t find the time to take a complete and thorough look on the page then you just need to check the bottom of it because the latest additions to the policies are added just down the page. In this way at least you will be aware of the latest policies however it is greatly advised to you to skim the page with regular intervals to keep the policies in mind.

The Age 13 and Below

Under the children’s online privacy protection act it is prohibited to give a membership to the user who is below 13 and keep his or her information. The reason is because such kind of information is very much valuable. This is the reason that the date of birth of every new comer is asked and if the site administration finds out that the user is below the age of 13 then his application for membership or services are cancelled at the very moment. To keep them completely away from the site it is made sure that the data and the material of the site is made in such way that it is unattractive and unappealing for the kids below the age of 13 and if any user gets the membership or service from the site by faking his or her birth date then the site administration is simply not responsible for it.

Acquiring the Personal Information

If you are a user who is just scabbing through the website and is just visiting then there is no need for you to provide any kind of information to the website and you can stay just like a stranger and leave once you are done. However if you are planning to stay and then use the applications then you will simply have to provide the information about yourself. This information will include your name, sex, date of birth, e-mail address, mailing address, contact number and some other stuff regarding you. If you are not willing to provide this information then it is perfectly ok with you but we cannot promise to provide you the best performance which is expected by us and the website along with its services and the apps.

Acquiring the not so Personal Information

It is necessary to make you informed that when you start using your website there is some information which is taken regarding you. This is technical information includes the name of the browser used and the type of the gadget you are using. It also includes the name of your operating system, your network provider and a lot more. It is necessary for us so that we can launch our settings and services according to your settings to give you our best.

The Cookie Transfer Options

Whenever you click on the advertisements or Google Ads or if you have applied for the services or applications offered by the website then in order to provide the best services the cookie transfer is performed and in this process cookies are transferred to your computer and from your computer. It all depends on the requirement of the program running on your system. These cookies can be safe or unsafe for your system and if you want to block them or stop the transfer then all you have to do is to change the cookie settings. On the other hand this action will stop the website or the application to do its best for you and there will be some problems. On the other hand there is another option instead of shutting them down completely you can select cookie alerts. In this way you will be informed every time and you can accept or discard the transfer.

DoubleClick DART Cookie
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Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include ….Google Adsense

Using the Info

We use the information you provide in a very secure and safe way and we do not allow any kind of intrusion or alternation to our data. We use the info to send our various kinds of e-mails to you. With the help of your information we figure out your taste and what kind of topics would you prefer and then we only send you those mails which will hold any interest to you. we also use the information and the feedback you provide us to improve our services and to make them according to your taste.

Third Party Intrusion

We do not allow ad neither do we share your information with anyone else. We take great steps and measures to make sure that your information stays safe with us. On the other hand we only share this information with a third party which is helping us operate and run the sight. However the third party is not allowed to discuss this data with anyone else legally. There is one exception to the rules which is that if you are having any kind of criminal record then we will have no choice but to share your information with the authorities.

External Links

There are links on the website which direct you to other websites, blogs or advertisements but once you have been directed out of our website then we are not responsible for the actions of that website and neither are we responsible for your actions. That site will have its own policies if any and you will have to follow them even if you were directed to that website from the link present on our site. So click on your own responsibility on these external links.