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Google Translator help internet user in translating webpages created In other languages and other text created in unknown languages. This convenient tool help user to access the information and data in own language. As if any online content is present in Chinese and English user wants to read the data then Google translator can help the user in translating data into English language. You can use this tool on you PC and mobile phone as well. You can install in your web browser but if you want to uninstall it you can do it easily by following these simple steps mentioned here.

How To Uninstall?

  • If you are using Firefox Web Brower then open your browser and click at the corner of the web browser and choose “Ads- ons” option.
  • You can also use short key “Ctrl-Shift-A” for open an “Ads-ons”.
  • At the left side of this tap click on “Extension” menu.
  • If you want to remove google translator from your browser then click on “Remove” button.
  • Now restart your browser to remove this translator successfully.

About Tool:

For some users it becomes annoying for getting continuous suggestion about different language translation from Google translation tool in web browser. This is the only drawback about this app so many user want to quit this tool. About 200 million users are using this tool on daily bases for translating the document or webpages into the desire language.

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