Place Your Rona Canada Items Order And Get Delivery At Your Home

Rona allows its customer to place the order online and pick the order form the store. Online map is there to assist the customer to locate the nearest store their location. Different products are places at online stores such as home appliances and electronics.


  • Internet connection
  • Online account
  • Information about the store location to pick up the product.

How To Place Order?

  • Visit the link at .
  • Select the location form the map. And next select the closest store at your area.
  • Click on “Products” tab and you will be redirected to the new web page.
  • Select the item that you want to buy form store and click on “Add To Cart” button.
  • View your cart and log in to your account. If you don’t have the account then, first register your account.
  • View your order details and placing your order.


  • Place your order online at your home.
  • Get discounted rates.

Closing Remarks:

This website only allows the customers to male online order and not supports the delivery. Buyers have to collect the items at the store that they selected at the online map. You can check your items on the store and make payment after your satisfaction.

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