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The Annual Report must be filed every year by May 1. All corporations, companies and partnership firms are supposed to file the report every year. The Annual Report is different from the Financial Report. Any organization or firm or company can maintain its” active status” only by filing the annual report. Those who fail to file the Annual Report by the due date will have to pay $400 as a late fee. ‘Not for profit’ corporations are exempted from paying the late fee. Fixed amount of fees is to be paid as annual report filing charges. The amount differs with different types of firms like profit corporation, ‘not for profit’ corporation and limited liability companies etc. If the annual report is not filed till the third Friday of the month of September every year, it will lead to revocation of the business entity. The revocated business entities can be reinstated by submitting the reinstatement application along with the prescribed fees for the same. The filing process is now much simplified and can be done online.

How To File?

The process of filing the report has a step by step procedure and the online filing system is rather easy to follow.

Visit .

  • Go to the tab “e-filling services” and click the link “annual report filling”
  • On next page, enter the entity’s 12 digit document number.
  • Click on the “submit” button at the end.

The report is divided into three sections – Report and Update information section, Final Review section and the Payment section.

In the first section of the report the company or firm has to provide its address, email address etc. Any changes in the addresses must be mentioned separately. All addresses including that of the registered office, main place of business and registered agent’s office etc. are to be mentioned. The names and addresses of all the principals associated with the company are also to be mentioned in the report.

In the final review section the information already provided are to be reviewed and confirmed. The report has to be signed by electronic means by one of the principals of the firm.

Finally, the payment section is to be filled up. From the “Payment Due Box” the total amount to be paid for filing the report can be noted. The payment may be effected as per instructions provided. The payment can be made either by credit/debit card or by check or by an E-file Account.

Annual Report For The Year 2012:

The filing process for filing the report for the year 2012 is already started since the report is due on April 30, 2013. For all sectors of industry a new online filing system is introduced in which there will be a uniform core report as well as affidavits. Submission of the annual report in the old form must be avoided. Those who filed their last year’s Annual Report also online can access the new file system using the same username and password. The affidavit is to be sign by the authority who files the annual report. All affidavits are to be duly notarized.  As part of the process of filing the report, some specific industry segments are required to upload various supplemental schedules.

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