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If you are operating international traffic website and you want to make easy for all kinds of users who may not recognize the language you use for you website then you take help of this amazing tool that can solve your problem easily. Google translate is online tool that is created by Google Inc., to translate different languages into others. You can use this tool online or on your phone. Google translate will check your cookies to check your preferred language as if you understand English then it converts automatically other language on web into English. You can install its plugin in your web browser.


  • First of all you have to open Google Translate website in your internet browser.
  • Select language of your choice from available list.
  • If you want to enable the option of changing language for the facility of users to understand functionalities through google support then choose respective option under section of “Choose optional settings”
  • Click on button of “Next” and click on option of “Preview and Try” located under the code of HTML.
  • Select the text and do a right click on highlighted text and click on option of “Copy”
  • Open the application which you want to edit and paste the relevant code into given section.
  • This will save changes to translate your website.

About Tool:

Google translate is a tool that helps online and other customers to covert documents into the other language. For example you can convert your documents in Chinese, English, German, Persians and many others. You can use it as desktop version and mobile version to take its advantages. You have to just copy paste document into the current language window and have to choose the language in which you want to covert the language. This tool is helpful for all online users who can read the web contents that are created in other languages.

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