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Apple is a very well reputed multinational firm which deals with different products and services like electronics, computer software and many other online services. Its head office is in Cupertino, California US. Being a customer you are given a facility to contact the support service of the company. Go through the given methods and contact the customer service number of Apple to resolve your problem.

  • Contact Apple Customer Service By Phone:
  1. For getting any sort of assistance regarding the Apple’s products make a phone call at the given contact number 1-800-3610-479.
  2. You will be informed that your call is being recorded for the quality assurance and you will be assisted by automatic system.
  3. You can call from Monday to Friday between 6:00 to 15:00.
  • Contact US Ipod And Ipad Technical Support Service:
  1. You can call at the given number 0800-2752-273 to get the information and help about your problem.
  2. On calling you will get a thank you message and will be asked about which product you are calling about to have the assistance.
  • Contact Apple Customer’s Sales and Products Inquiries:
  1. Call at the given help line 0800-6927-753 for any kind of sales and product inquiries. You will get a welcome message and will be informed about quality assurance of call.
  2. An automated system will respond to your call and help you in solving the problem.
  • Contact Itunes Store Support Service:
  1. Contact Apple iPod, iPad and Mac technical support service by calling at 0800-2752-273.
  2. For iPhone contact us at 0800-6927-466 to get the technical assistance.
  3. For contacting Canada Technical Service in English call us at 1-800-2633-394
  4. Contact the Canada Technical support service in French call us at 1-800-2633-394.
  • Contact Apple Customer Support Via Email:
  1. You can contact the company by sending an email about your problem to given email address and get response in next few hours.
  • Contact Apple Customer Support Via Store:
  1. Contact Apple Store for educational institutions at given help line 0800-2775 to get help.
  2. For the small business contact apple store at given number 800-8543-680 and call between 4 am to 10 pm according to Pacific Time.
  3. Contact Apple store in Canada by calling at 800-6927-753 for consumer and educational details.
  4. Contact United States Apple store by calling at 0800-6927-753.
  • Contact Customer Support By Mail:
  1. You can also contact the main head office of Apple by sending a mail to the given postal address Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino CA 95014 and get the solution of you problem in few days.
  • Contact Apple Customer Financial Service:
  1. For Financial services of Apple call us at 0800-8543-680.
  2. For Apple Reseller referral contact us at the given number 0800-5389-696.
  3. For Apple Rebates call us at the given number 1-8774-275-776.
  • Contact US Iphone For Technical Support:
  1. Call the help center at the given number 0800-6947-466 and then inform about which type of iPhone are you using.
  2. Now you are supposed to give serial number of your product and few other details and then get the assistance.
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