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Great Western Bank is a large retail Bank in Western United States. It’s headquarter is in Chatsworth, California. Bank offers many financial services to its valued customers. Follow given set of instructions to make an online bill payment.


  • First of all access the website by browsing via internet web browser or any other source of search. Follow the mentioned link
  • As homepage of the website opens you will find many services offered by the Bank but you have to click on the tab marked as “Online Bill Pay”.
  • A new page appears and you have to click on the link marked as “Login” to start the online payment of bill.
  • After login you will get an access to your account on the company’s website. Now you have to click on the tab labeled as “Payments”.
  • Then hit the blue color tab marked as “Add a Payee”, then pick up the option among given that whether you are making payment to individual, company or bank.
  • Click on the button mentioned as “Next”.
  • In the next step you have to make clear that how would you like to send the payment by selecting an option from the drop down menu.
  • Now a form will appear which contains some blanks and you need to fill those out by giving the required details.
  • Enter the name of person to whom you are making a payment in the given blanks.
  • Add the payee email in the next blank and re-type to confirm it.
  • Give the contact number of Payee in the given space.
  • Enter the nick name of Payee in key form and confirm it by re-typing in next blank.
  • Pick up the option from given to send the activation code to Payee for first time.
  • Click the button marked as “Next” and enter the amount to be sent and follow the instructions to finish the payment process.
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