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For enrolling any course available at UNM you can first have to get register for it. The registration process is given below.


  • For getting started the registration process and selecting the appropriate courses for the University of New Mexico you can first go to the web site which belongs to the University and its management. For this purpose you can go to this link .
  • After you will get the access to the front page of this web site you can see two Logs in fields here by the name of Net ID and password. These fields must be filled out in order to carry out the registration process. if you are facing problem in having the user ID or password then you may first go through the account creation process at the web site and you must have to get user ID and password for this purpose.
  • If you are facing problems in terms of log in then you can seek help from the links given below the log in fields related to your problem.
  • After you will have entered to your account you will come in front of the page where you can see many tab options. You will have to click on the tab named as “Student Life”.
  • After clicking on the tab you will come on the next page of the process. at the resulted page you will have to find out the button option named as “Fall registration”. Under this option there will be a button named as “Go to Lobo web”.
  • After clicking to this button you will be given next page where further instructions will be listed. You may have to click on the link “Registration and Record”. After clicking this link you will be next moved to the step where you can see many options listed on the regard of registration. Click on the option named as “Registration Add/Drop Classes”.
  • After clicking this and moving to the next page, student financial responsibility is confirmed. Click on the radio button option below of the page named as “Accept Financial responsibility”. Submit your acceptance and then select your terms from the drop down menu which will appear after wards.
  • After that, give your course record number and search for the appropriate classes available according to your selected subject.
  • After you will have found the appropriate class and timings, select this option and then click on the button named as “Register” below.

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University of New Mexico is giving its students latest and modern educations facilities in terms of education and better future. The university has the priority to give its students the educational systems which will provide every facility they want to have.

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