Access Walmart Money Card Through Online Activation

For activation of your money card issued by Walmart departmental Store, you can follow the steps given below.


  • For having the activation of your money card for purchasing, then you must be a customer of the store so that you can have this money card facility.
  • For the card activation online you must first have your self with a money card issued by the stores. With out the card issued by the company you can not start the card activation process and can not conduct the bill payments process with that card.
  • After you will get the money card from the store then you can go to this link for its online activation. The link is
  • After getting the page as a result of above mentioned link, you can see some blank fields to be filled on the page. These fields are related to your money card information. Give it completely to proceed for the next step.
  • First you will be asked about your Personalized Card Number. This would be printed on your card or given to your by the company at the time of issuing the card. Enter this number containing 16 digits in the first field given.
  • Next you will have to give the expiry date of your card. You can select the date from the calendar option given with the field. After the expiry date, you can see the field in which you will have to enter the security code containing 3 digits. Enter this code given on to the card.
  • The next field is about your social security number also issued by the company. In the given field you will be supposed to give the last 4 digits of your social security number. Give the correct requirement of this field and move to the field below.
  • In the filed below, you will be asked to create by your self the card PIN number.
  • This number will contain 4 digits. You can also have the choice to create the personal identification Number of your card automatically. For this purpose you will have to click on the link given on the side of the field by the title of “Choose PIN for me” so that the PIN of the card will be selected automatically for you.
  • In the last field, you will have to enter the image characters given in the box below. Give the correct characters from the image and after filling all the fields on the page, click on the button “Next” below.
  • After filling the card information page completely you will receive the confirmation of your card activation.

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One of the most popular store chains prevailing in all over the United States is included Walmart departmental store. Store is equipped with all the house hold and other products according to the need of the customers to maintain the reputation of the store.

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