How to Add Road Runner Webmail to Outlook?

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Well Road Runner is commonly used internet service and it can be accessed online through the web- based interface and can also be connected to Microsoft Outlook with the latest version being the 2010 one that was released recently but initially that of 2007 was the one that was mostly used though it is no longer viable
What Happens When It Is Added To Outlook?
This means that one is combining two services to be contained into one package. This is because Microsoft Outlook has characteristics like calendar, the notes manager and can also allow a person to add many accounts so that one can be able to access various accounts at ago.
This feature is important for people who have businesses in that both accounts can be accessed at any point for example one can check on the website or one can add as many emails  as he/she wants as this can save time because it places all the emails from other accounts into one place actually.
Steps To Be Followed:

For this to be successful, actually one needs to have a computer that can support Microsoft Outlook and also the Road Runner username and password to proceed as follows:

  • To begin with one should open the Microsoft outlook account and it should be the 2010 version then proceed to the option marked “file” then look carefully and select “add account” this will then open up a new window that is labeled “ Add New Account” and the sub- title being “ Auto Account Setup”. Check at the bottom of the form that appears choose the option (radio like button) “Manually Configure server settings” then proceed by clicking on the next option.
  • On the window that appears with the sub- tittle “Choose Service” that contains the first option (radio service) and the heading being “ Internet email” and mark you this is selected by default but in the case that it is not selected, do that manually then proceed to the next step by clicking next button and this will open up a new window with the sub- heading being,” Internet E – mail setting” then you will be required to enter the information like, your name that is in the email, then your Road Runner email , then select POP3 in the account that appears in the drop down, then you should enter the outgoing mail server (SMTP) in this format “” then note that your name will be automatically made in the name field position and if this does not occur ensure you do that manually. Finally you will be required to provide you Road Runner password
  • The last step is where the account is verified for correct settings and this is done by just clicking the “Test Account Settings” and in the window that will emerge click on the “internet settings” then proceed to enter your email account then OK button and finish by clicking on the “Next” Button and this means that the account is fully set up and the Road Runner account appears in the Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • For information click on the site

To conclude, for correct Road Runner working, The “Log on using Secure Password Authentication” should not be checked since The Road Runner doesn’t work on this option.

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