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It is the US Airways Employees portal and this website is powered by The US Aviation Network. Those who login, come across with about 13 sub forums of the website that include The water cooler, Airline News, Aviation Chatter, Frequent Flyers, Destinations, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, South West Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Regional and National Airlines, Freight Carriers and Foreign Airlines. The Airlines forum has presently more than 13000 members and it has more than nine lakhs posts. The complete members list is provided in the website and each member’s profile as well as the contents presented by him or her can be viewed. The members appear with a nickname and their original name is not mentioned. The members can post any content they want and those who visit the website can view the new content by clicking “view new content”.

The Aircraft Directory:

Those who access the employee portal can have direct access to The Aircraft Directory. By using the Search option in the Aircraft Directory one can get any information pertaining to aircraft and aviation. Moreover the directory offers a host of useful links through which one can get to Aircraft sale ads, the latest news about aircraft and aviation and the aircraft job listings etc. Those who want to suggest any websites for inclusion in the Aircraft Directory or any aircraft and aviation related business deals can make use of the submit form that is provided on the Directory page.

The Aviation Directory:

The Airlines forum provides access to the Aviation Directory also. This online directory has a quick search option to access thousands of websites that are related to aircraft and aviation. This Directory under the name airplanes-aircraft.com is a link directory that is of immense use to aviation businessmen, aviation professionals and aviation enthusiasts. All the reputed aviation as well as aircraft websites on the internet is brought to a single directory. Those who want to suggest about the inclusion of any website or any aviation and aircraft related business deal can make use of the SUBMIT link.

How To Log In?

  • Visit wings.usairways.com
  • Click on the “login” link.
  • Enter your user name.
  • Enter your ID.
  • Click on “submit” button after enter the data into the required fields.

Airlines News:

Airline directory is the exciting daily airlines news page of airlinesforum.com. The headlines of all airlines related news can be viewed at a glance. This page offers various links to other forums such as American airlines forums, Jet Blue forums, United Airlines forums and Foreign Airlines forums etc. There are many news articles on this page pertaining to Airport Terminals, Airline Routes, Airline Financials, Airline Accidents and Airline Labor etc. Also, this page provides direct access to various employment portals such as Aircraft jobs, Airline Employment, Pilot jobs, Airport jobs, Flight Attendant jobs, Aviation jobs and Business jet jobs etc. A featured Airline Video is also provided in this news page. The visitors can also read about specialized news pertaining to foreign airlines, passenger issues, news about technical matters, airport operations and travel deals etc. One can also get to the news about particular airlines such as Delta, United, Jet Blue and South West etc.

The web page for Airline jobs provide the latest listings of various airlines and aircraft jobs and another web is exclusively for pilot job listings and other aspects related to pilot jobs. Job seekers who log into the account can get plenty of information about the job openings in the aviation industry as well as various airlines.

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