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2nd& Charles store survey is done online and gives the customers chances of winning money and even more prices. This is because they require feedback from customers so that they can gauge their performance and improve on them.
About The Company
It deal with the allotment of book A million. Their major business involves buying and selling old books, audio books, DVDs, Video games and CDs. They also give people the people the opportunity to replace items that were bought earlier and this can be done at any time that one feel convenient and this is because the store people usually take care the clients and provides best services.
Procedure For Taking Part:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • A must shopping from their store
  • A valid receipt with data of product

Detailed guideline:

  • Go to the website www.2ndandcharles.com/storesurvey
  • Choose the day that you did the shopping.
  • Then choose the day that you did the shopping from the drop down arrow that is shown.
  • Then next type in the day that you did the shopping with the field that is shown.
  • Enter your sales number that is found on the receipt that you were given after doing the shopping then click on the “next” button.
  • Answer all the question that will appear sequentially until you are done.
  • Provide your feedback after all questions have been answered.
  • Provide you contact number and click the button labeled “submit”

This is survey is of great importance to the company as it gives them a chance to know what their customers like or don’t like and help them improve their services and products.

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