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Life is uncertain. No one can be certain of what the future will bring. No one knows how their life will be the next day, so how do they secure their future? How can you ensure a safe, bright and protected future for your family and loved ones? In our turbulent economy, the best way is to ensure that you start saving at an early age. That way when you retire or for any reason have no liquid cash coming in, you will always have something to fall back on.

This is also applicable to unplanned expenses like uninsured medical emergencies or fixing pipes which burst or suddenly spurt big leaks, servicing the car that gave up all of a sudden, etc. In such situations how do you prepare for the expenses? Do you sit back and wish you had put 10% of your paycheck in the bank or do you use the money saved for such emergencies.

The money saved today can be a huge boon for tomorrow. For instance if your children wish to go to medical school or do a course abroad, you would not need to take a loan or turn down their educational opportunity if you have saved money for them from a younger age. Many people opt to start savings accounts for their children, from a young age. This not only saves money in their name, but will also teach them the importance of money from an early age too.

Children’s Account:

Starting an account for your child helps you teach them how banking works, how to manage their funds well and the value of money. The earlier you start the better you will be by the time you start earning your salary and it’s time for investments or buying a car/house. Getting a loan also will be no issue since their credit ratings will mostly be impeccable. This bank has various saving accounts. You can contact them for more information before choosing the right plan for you and your child. So how can you open an account with bank?

How To Apply?

  • The first step is going through the various plans and benefits offered with the accounts. Chose the one most suited to your needs or the kind you would like your child to have for.
  • Visit the official website at .
  • Click the link “saving accounts” under the heading of “bank”.
  • Click on the tab “minor saving”.
  • On next page Click on the “apply now” button.
  • Enter zip code and click the button “continue”.
  • Go through application requirements.
  • Fill online application form.
  • Enter your name and other details.
  • Please ensure the details entered are accurate and true to your knowledge.
  • Send the application once filled.

For any queries or other information, customer services can always be contacted on the number mentioned. Bank has a very new-age approach towards banking and have created services by taking into account what the community requires.

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