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Whichever Institute you work for, they provide you several benefits and it is your right to be clear about that. 88 sears for that purpose created a portal at their official website which contains all information about employee benefits. So, if you are an employee of the company you should enroll yourself at their website to acquire all information about your various benefits. They have indexed the web page in a systematic way so you can find the topic you are looking for without any trouble. You just need to be present or past employee of the company.


  • Enable cookies option in your browser.
  • Provide genuine information only.
  • Visit the website at first to get better idea.
  • For any inconvenience or information you can always call them at 1-888-88sears.
  • Once you enrol, you accept all the terms and conditions of the company so before you start read that carefully and understand.

How To Log On?

  • Visit their official website at www.88sears.com .
  • Click on enrol option.
  • Enter user ID.
  • Enter password in the respective field.
  • Click on the “log on” button.


From there you can have detailed information about:

  • health benefit
  • dental plan
  • financial benefit
  • disability options
  • pension and retirement scheme
  • company paid insurance plan
  • prescription plans
  • pay checks
  • Discount Policy
  • Voluntary Benefits

Future Growth:

Apart from that you also can find information and opportunity of future growth and job satisfaction.


For farther details there is a handbook available at their website in PDF format. You can easily download it and study.


You can anytime update your personal information by logging in into your account.


It is quite natural that every employee is curious and worried about retirement and pension plans. You need to enrol for W-2 form for that. You can also feel it up online.

Online Training:

If you are looking for proper training as a fresh recruitment, you can find it easily at their website. There are both online and offline material.

HR Contacts:

You can get HR contacts at their website.


You can claim for compensation anytime if you deserve any.


At their career tab you can find information about current openings, job profile, package description, etc.

Online Assistance:

As an employee you can always avail their online assistance.

What Do I Need?

In order to access their website you will need:

  • A working computer with internet connectivity.
  • Your personal details.
  • It’s better to use Fire fox 2.0 or above or Internet Explorer 7 or above as your browser for best surfing experience. They ensure that pages will be completely visible if you meet this requirement. So go to your browsers about option and check its version.

It’s your right to be clear about everything related to your job. So go through this simple and fast online enrollment process and get a clear vision about your present and future status at your job place.

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