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Account Now is letting you to enjoy online banking services to those customers who are not eligible for resort to bank. It has launched an online prepaid Visa Card which is just like checking account procedure. This card will allow you to manage your cash and your online account after activation. You can use this card anywhere to make easy and quick payments with no extra charges.


  • You must own a computer with internet connection available on it.
  • You must have accurate card number in hand
  • Visit official website on given URL

Step-by-step Instructions:

  • First of all you have to switch on your computer, open your web browser and input official URL of Account Now on given link
  • After accessing website you are required to add Prepaid Visa card number of Account Now in marked box.
  • You have to input number of card again in next field as directed and click on button which is labeled as “Submit”
  • For more information or detail you are supposed to visit web page of online support on given URL


Account Now prepaid card is initiated by Meta Bank TM. This card is designed to keep it as alternative of cash. You can use this card from any place and from any time it is globally accepted. Before using this card you have to activate it by following above stated instructions.

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