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Ace Elite Card offers facilities and benefits to the cardholders. Direct depositors can enjoy free transfer of funds with a text message or the online to other cardholders. Cards are the bets way to manage your money instead of carrying cash. Once you register your card account the money of your card will be FDIC Insured automatically. Through different rewards program you will be able to get paid money back with every single purchase.


  • Internet connection for online access.
  •  Phone number is required.
  • Zip code is required.
  • Email address for communication

How To Get Card?

  • Visit the website at .
  • Click on “Get Card Now” button.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Enter your residential address.
  • Enter the apt number.
  • Type your active phone number.
  • Enter the zip code to identify your location.
  • Type your email address.
  • Select the card.
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box to accept them.
  • Check the box to accept the terms, conditions and privacy policy to receive the announcement about product.
  • Click on “Get Card” button.


  • Secure way to control your money
  • Get paid quicker with free direct deposit

Closing Remarks:

Submit your application and check the confirmation of your request. Once you get the card in your hand you can activate it online at the website.

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