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ASDA is chain of super markets in United Kingdom. It aims at selling the products at lowest possible rates than other stores. It guarantees that you will get the product at 10% less rate than other stores. You can compare than price at the official website f ASDA and get the difference amount if it is more than other stores. You will be given a voucher to redeem from store or do online shopping at ASDA online store.

What Are The Requirements For Checking Price Guarantee?

  • You must have purchased eight products from the ASDA as displayed in the receipt.
  • It is necessary that one of the purchased product need to be comparable with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Waitrose.
  • Keep the receipt in hand.
  • Check the price guarantee within 28 days after shopping.
  • You are required to check the price after 6am as the ASDA system would be updated by six o’ clock.
  • You should have a PC with the internet connection.

How One Can Check The Price Guarantee?

  • Open the website of ASDA by putting the URL in the search tab of the internet web browser and press “Enter” to check the price guarantee. go to the given link
  • As the web page opens you will see the tab named as “enter the store number”. You have to enter the bar code number printed on the shopping receipt in the given blank.
  • Click on the green color tab labeled as “Compare Prices”.
  • Now the price is compared with the product price at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Waitrose and if some difference comes then you will be returned the extra amount in form of voucher or e-voucher.
  • After checking the price Guarantee you have to show your original receipt or voucher at ASDA Store to collect the money. You can also redeem your e-voucher by shopping at ASDA online.
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