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Bank of America is providing an opportunity to collect reward points and earn it to cash those points. This opportunity will allow people to redeem their points into gift cards for popular hotels and restaurants. Besides this you can redeem your points for renting a car, hiring room or things like this. This card will allow you to pay off your traveling expenses through these points. Process of redeeming point is so simple all you have to do is firstly collect all those points when you reach up to a certain level cash those points into an exciting offer.


  • You must have a computer or laptop
  • You must have internet access
  • Visit website on given URL Link

Step by Step Guides:

  • Open website of bank of America at
  • Click on button of “Enter” to access main page of website.
  • You have to find a button marked as “Start redeeming your rewards today” located on left side of web page. Once you have got that button hit a click on it.
  • In order keep a secure login process you would be required to add User ID online in given box and click on button of “Check your site key”
  • If you don’t have account click on button of “ Enroll now”
  • Select type of account form given list and click on button of “Continue”
  • Provide ATM or debit card number in next field. Add your ATM PIN last four digits.
  • Similarly, you have to provide account number and password in given fields.
  • Review your account before submission.
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