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Would you like reducing the interest on student cards you’ve got? Or perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family? Or you require a card that helps keep pace with fast city life? Everyone has different needs and whatever it is, Barclay’s offer wide ranging credit cards to fit your life flexibly and conveniently. Also, if you’re applying for card online, they’ll provide an instant decision after perusing your application.

Decide on important features needed by you. Before applying, be clear exactly how owning credit cards will help. Certain cards hold good and are surely better for cash back, purchases, balance transfers, rewards from retailers and contact less payments. If you require several features, just obtaining a single credit card won’t offer best value, so focus on features most important.

How To Apply?

  • Visit .
  • On the landing page, you can see the various products available.
  • You cans elect the card based on your requirement.
  • On next page select the “apply now” button.
  • On next page you can read information about the card. Read it and click the “apply now” button present at the top of the page.
  • Next you have to fill in a form.
  • Enter your general information.
  • Enter employment and finance information.
  • Enter information for transfer your balance.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Hit in the “apply” button at the end.

Work out the amount you’ll be able to pay. The company will do everything to ensure you aren’t stretched financially before offering credit. However, for the client’s peace, it’s imperative you review finances before applying. Deduct whatever is spent monthly from your household’s total earnings. Since cards are extra commitments financially, you have to have cash remaining to pay all or part, of the balance.

  • Understand application process.
  •  After receiving you application, it will then undertake credit checks ensuring personal details and ID are correct and if or no you’ll be able to afford taking extra credit. This means your personal info get shared with credit agencies experience, Call credit or Equifax.
  • If successful, the company will utilize risk profiles based on results of credit checks helping decide what will be the percentage rate you’ll pay annually. It will give less in the beginning but the lending will increase in six months, after they see how your account is maintained by you. Get the advice you need for further clarification as the company offers several credit cards that have balance transfers and offer technology.
  • Check if application will be approved. Each time a credit application is made, footprints are left on the file, negatively impacting credit rating. It is the first card firm to give safe ways checking likelihood of credit approval, even before application. Pre-application perusal leaves soft footprints on credit reports, all without affecting rating. So, whether you can apply, is pretty quickly decided. Check if indeed you are eligible.


It offers pretty low APR cards, balance transfers,  interest-free  cards, platinum cards and business  cards. 0% interest for balance transfers; 26 months from the account opening (3.5 percent handling fee levied) and 0 percent interest on purchases for 6 months from account opening. With contact less you’ll use card for quick small purchases. Use mobile phone to make easy contact less payments, with Pay tag. Once approved, you’ll be emailed, if not just go online, visit website to know more and then register. Your account can now be managed online with paperless statements. Check out now!

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