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We all need money. Our days and efforts nowadays are directed towards earning money. With growing demands and constant price rise, money has somehow become central to our being. We all want to eat at the most expensive restaurant. For our children’s secured future, we try sending them to the best schools and colleges. To impress others, we wear nice branded clothes. After a hectic schedule, unwinding is important. Many of us learn music and some of us travel or watch a movie. A good feast at a restaurant with friends too is a regular way of enjoying life. From the small joys, we move on to the bigger joys in life. This may include owning a big car, having our own house or maybe running our very own business. The list is a long and endless one. The fact though is that for all this to happen and not just remain a dream, we must plan our finances well.


The company also offers advice and annuity plans which can help you plan your old age and retirement well.

  • Assistance for beneficial and long- term investments.
  • Traditional and modern Credit & Lending offers according to your needs.
  • Regular analysis of your funds and investments to arrive at your financial status.
  • Wealth tax management to help your family or a charity benefit from the savings.
  • Guidance to manage money to start, sale or re-sale your business.

How To Register?

  • Log on to
  • Then, click on the link “create user ID.”
  • On next page just enter your social security or account number.
  • Click on the “continue” button.
  • Follow the procedure to complete the registration process.

Most of us are ignorant or find it difficult to manage our money. An expert in this would be a good choice of person/ organization to take help from to plan our future well. So those who manage money are known as money managers or wealth managers. This job is known as wealth management. The only name which would come to our mind is Merril Lynch. It is one of the most awarded organizations. It was one of the top 1000 advisors recognized by Barron’s. It was also ranked number one for being the most widely spread and offering services in most of the states across Europe. The list of achievement also needs a mention of the company feat of being ranked as number one, Global broker. In fact, globally it has also been recognized at different ranking for giving the most correct forecast in financial earnings of its investors.

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