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Marketing plays a very important role in helping push company sales up. Organizations invest a lot in marketing since it is an investment and pays off when sales go up. There are various methods used for marketing like surveys, billboards, advertising and even having stalls or booths in public places.

In order to connect with more people and people from other countries, online advertising has become a popular medium. It is the perfect medium to connect to your target audience with a simple click of a button. However, this mode of advertising can be extremely costly especially for start-up or small companies. In such situations how do they manage to reach potential clients without spending too much money?

Free Online Advertising:

There are various social media sites on which you can post your latest updates as well as link it to the company website. This way the right kind of clientele will contact you and you won’t have to pay for the advertising at all. Social media networking has gained immense popularity in today’s age where the contacts made are even used for career development and job mobility. Many websites are available as job portals which help connecting the people with the right expertise to the companies which need the talent.

Advertising For Jobs For Free:

Is it possible to advertise for a job online, for free? There are a few ways that this can be achieved. Like mentioned earlier in this article, social media websites and blogs are ideal places to advertise for job requirements for free. Certain search engines and job portals also allow you to advertise these requirements for free. The main aim is to find the source most suitable to your needs.

How To Advertise Jobs?

The first step is to find a portal which allows you to post job requirements for free. Once you have identified the job portal most suited to you, you will be required to:

  • Visit the website .
  • Click the option “not register yet”.
  • On next page click on the “employer” link.
  •  Fill in the registration form. Enter your company details and contact details.
  • Enter login information.
  • Enter employer identification details.
  • Enter primary location information.
  • Enter mailing address.
  • Enter complete contact information.
  • Enter complete company information.
  • Enter a profile of your company for the job seekers.
  • Select the special characteristics that apply for your company.
  • Check the benefits that are offered to the employees.
  • Click on the “save” button at the end.

And just like that your job requirement has been advertised online for free. Please keep in mind there might be websites which are not actually free. Hence it is advisable to thoroughly check the terms and conditions as well as other posts which are mentioned. Ensure they aren’t a hoax and that the details entered by you will not be misused in anyway. Some of these sites might let you put your post up but won’t let you view the resumes until you pay a fee. So do the research and choose wisely.

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