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Chase bank is the leading financial institution with its more than 5100 branches. It is as a national bank serves its customer with consumer banking and commercial banking services. Best credit facilities are offered to retain the loyalty of the customers by offering lowest interest rates, cash back facilities and much more. Anyone can apply online to get credit card and manage card activities online with registered account. Follow the steps to apply for credit cad.


  • Personal information is required
  • You have to clear your bank solvency
  • Mailing address is needed
  • Financial information is required

How To Get A Card?

  • Visit the website at .
  • Click on “Credit cards” link at the top horizontal bar on the homepage.
  • Choose “Chase Freedom” credit card and click on “Learn Moe” button.
  • You will be directed to the next page, read the features of the cards and click on “Apply Now” green button.
  • Read out the pricing and terms and privacy notice before applying.
  • Clear your bank solvency.
  • Enter your first name, middle initial, last name and choose the suffix from the drop down menu.
  • Type your mailing address 1and type your mailing address 2 into the respective fields.
  • Enter the unit or apt number.
  • Enter the zip code of your area.
  • Enter the name of the city you are living in and pick the name of the state.
  • Click on “Next” green button.
  • Enter your financial information with your valid contact and security information and choose the additional features.


  • No annual fees
  • Get 1% cash back on every thing else you buy
  • Get 5% cash back on up to $1500

Closing Remarks:

Balance transfer fee is the 3% of the amount transferred and 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases. If you have any problem in applying for the card, call at (877)598-3844 to talk with the representative and the advice.

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