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The Paperless Payroll system introduced by TALX is indeed a boon for the employees of various organizations. They are able to access their payroll details on the internet within a couple of minutes. Any employee can log into the system by entering his employee code and can easily access the payroll information. Those who are employees of Costco can have a quick view of their hours worked, pay, overtime, taxes and other details within seconds by way of login to the account. This enables them to save a lot of time and also to check the correctness of their account. They can access their account at any time without going to the bank or approaching someone to get the details. In the past the employees used to suffer a lot to get their payroll details in time for the purpose of tax payments. However, it has now provided the best solution to its employees to easily access their payroll information at any time.

Signing Up:

Those who want to register may go to www.costcopaycheck.com .

  • Clicking the link “Click here to log in”.
  • A pop-up window will open and ask for the employee number.
  • Enter the number in to the given box.
  • Click on the “continue” button.
  • After selecting a security image and answering a question the employee will be logged in and he can view his payroll details.
  • After the registration the employee can login to the account just by entering his user ID and PIN.
  • This paperless pay online service to the company’s employees is offered by the TALX Corporation.
  • This service facilitates to provide easy and quick access for the employees to their payroll information.


Paperless pay enables the organization to disburse the salary and provide the payroll details to the employees very fast as well as in the most economic way. No paper is required to prepare the payrolls and no checks are to be issued to the employees every month. The employees are also able to access their payroll details at any point and get the amount into their account without physically presenting a cheque and waiting for its realization. The employers and the employees are benefited by this online Paperless payroll system. The employees of the company can receive their wages and check the information. They need not take a cheque to the bank, deposit the same and wait for the cheque to get honored.


TALX is a reputed service provider in various aspects related to employees. TALX was established in the year 1971 and was engaged in contesting unemployment claims. Gradually they switched over to networking business and became providers of information. All the permanent employees of the company who have a computer with access to the internet can get registered and gain access to the payroll account whenever they require. Those who have registered with the payroll website and logged into the payroll details for once can view the information again whenever they require. This new facility enables the user to view his tax payment documents also.

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