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Mountain Dew is a soft drink offered by PepsiCo which is United States based company. This drink was created in 1940 and was altered over the years to present the current flavor that we taste nowadays. The drink is available in a variety of flavors such as regular, diet, caffeine, diet code red and many other flavors. This drink got its name from the Irish slang “Mountain dew” which means home-made whiskey. Currently, this drink is being sold on the basis of outdoor gaming and thrilling experiences. The company suggests that every person gets a passionate experience while drinking this carbonated soft drink and wants to face difficult challenging physical tasks.

Steps To Follow:

To enter the outdoor promotional deal, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the official mountain dew website which is www.mountaindew.com
  2. Hover the computer pointer over first image option which is “Promotions” and click “Details” to proceed.
  3. Click the “Visit site” after reading the details of this promotional offer. you can also like this promotion via your facebook account.
  4. Follow the instructions given on each step to enter this virtual reality experience of skating.
  5. You can also watch the related videos on this website to gain more experience and view other people’s experiences.
  6. You can also join this competition via Instagram, facebook, youtube or twitter. And follow the updates related to it via those media.
  7. The company also welcomes you to share your own mountain dew experiences on their website and share pictures.
  8. You can also sign up online on the official mountain dew website to get the permanent membership and thus receive notifications and latest promotional offers via Emails.

To ask for any help, ask the company officials by contacting them using the contact details given on the official web portal.

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