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We all compete and it is good to compete. At least to win, people and company make efforts. The thoughts are unique in nature. The result is satisfaction for the winner. For others, it is a lesson on how to improve and prove their way. Well when you return home after college or office, what do you do? How do you spend an unplanned Sunday? What do you do so that the stay with great friends is longer than planned? Do not stress your mind or push your brains to get the right answer. We would say, do not bother. It is simple, you let your TV give you company. Enjoy the most amazing sitcoms, movies, documentary and travel round the world virtually through one of the best inventions of humans- the television. Enjoy an amazing picture quality with the Dish satellite network.


  • Keep your account number available in your subscription bill accessible. It would be of 16 digits.
  • Also, note the 10 digit receiver number found on your television screen.
    • The screen will display Information related to the system of Network.
    • If you cannot find the screen, just pick up your TV remote and press the button which has Menu written on it.
    • Do remember that the Menu button has to be pressed two times so that you reach the screen which has the receiver number information.

How To Register?

  • Visiting the website at .
  • Clicking on “My account”.
  • Proceed with clicking on the tab which offers creation of ID and that too online.
  • Enter the account number in the appropriate field.
  • Alternatively, you may use your receiver number to fill in the form displayed online.
  • Registration is complete.
  • You would be given a username & password after registration is confirmed.


There are superb offerings from the company, like:

  • You have the facility to enjoy both the internet along with the video service provided by the company. The Net connectivity and speed are nothing less than mind blowing.
  • With a long list of more than 20,000 movies and shows on TV to watch, your home becomes a destination of blockbusters.
  • If you wish to re-watch a show or just keep a show for someone, there is a provision to record shows simultaneously and not just two or three, but six of them at a time.

No wonder then that the network is the second favourite service provider of Americans. The installation is done free of cost and by professionals who explain everything related with the usage. Every possible area in the United States of America has a service provider which also caters to areas not having the network. There is also a 24 hour installation service available for it.

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