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Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry has created online website to provide you to access online Unemployment Compensation Benefits. This online service is serving to those who are jobless without any fault. Government of Pennsylvania is providing temporary benefits to jobless persons for their family support. These benefits are valid till a person gets his/her new job. This website is helping jobless persons to search new jobs here. You can apply for benefits online by accessing online benefits process. You have to fill an application and submit via completing online process or file submission on this site. Soon you will be informed for the acceptance or rejection of your application via notification in your online account here on this website.


  • You must have a social security number and PA driver’s license number.
  • Must have fast internet connection.


  • Click on this link unemployment compensation benefits online.
  • On the right side of the website click on “Online services” option.
  • Now click on “Applying for UC benefits” link.
  • On the right side of webpage click on “File an initial claim” option.
  • Now access the online application and provide your personal information and required details.
  • Complete the Unemployment Compensation Benefits form step by step.

 About Service:

Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry was established by government in 1913 to handle the employment issues and other service to the citizens. Now they have established online service to give social services easily. You can get here different services like shared work, file of unemployment, volunteer opportunities, new jobs and other service that you can see at their website.

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