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To be on the wheels is a different kind of high. With a number of different and jazzy four wheelers in the market, our aspiration to own one such a vehicle is not leaving us. Even if we have an old sturdy and relatively decent car, we have no more love for it. The craze for a cooler car or a two wheeler that has hit the market just a week back is none compared to driving the age old van you possess. So whether it is your old or the new vehicle, it needs or will need renewal of your vehicle registration. Our generation is no longer used to queuing up and carrying bundles of paper for a registration or its renewal process. It prefers to do most of the work online. So it is time to log in for an online vehicle registration renewal.

Some Important Points To Keep In Mind Are:

  • Contact the Department of Motor vehicles to know if you are required to file your certification of the smog.
  • In case, your address has changed, then a copy of your address update is required.

What Do You Require?

  • Just check that you have access to the internet.
  • Details of your checking account and a credit or debit card, which is in use, should be provided.
  • In case, your vehicle requires insurance, an insurance copy with an insurance company, which is on the company board, should also be given.
  • A valid proof of no insurance requirement for renewals of certain vehicles like Trailer is also needed.

How To Get?

  • Go to .
  • Go to the online services tab and click the link “registration renewal”.
  • Click on the “go to step 1”.
  • Enter your license plate or CF number.
  • Enter vehicle identification number.
  • 5 digit of your HIN.
  • Click on the “go to step 2” button and follow the instructions to complete the procedure.
  • Start with feeding your vessel/ boat/ vehicle information.
  • Recorded information will have to be confirmed, next.
  • A payment option will have to be selected.
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions related to E-checking payment will have to be provided. Read the document well before doing so.
  • Lastly, transaction confirmation will be shared with you by the company.
  • Registration is complete.

After online registration, it will take only five office days for you to receive your registration confirmation along with a sticker.

  • You may also renew by mail if you are a company’s customer.

How To Prepare?

A list of documents should be checked and kept handy:

  • Vehicle identification number of a vehicle is a must. The last five digits of the number will be required.
  • Also, for vessels or boats, one must have HIN, which is the Hull identification number.

With zero additional fees for vehicle registration renewal online, you may want to go for it as soon as you require one.

Most of the web browsers support the website of the company which makes the online process smooth.

For all other eligibility criteria & related enquires, visit

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