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Nowadays, the easiest way to renew Vehicle or Trailer Registration is by relaying in the usage of online services. . This service is absolutely feasible and simple for the user, in case he or she wants to renew his or her vehicle registration. The service also enables the applicant in order to pay his or her local excise tax encompassing a single transaction. The user has the option of renewing the registration for one trailer at a time or more than one trailer at the same time. The entire amount paid by the user for this purpose is used to further develop and upgrade the official website of the State, and the online services that are provided by this Web portal. This also includes this particular service that enables the user to renew the user’s Vehicle registration online.

Usually the user’s renewed registration number and sticker should reach the user within seven business days. In case the user happens to be out stationed, then the user’s vehicle within those seven days and the user’s earlier registration is scheduled to expire within that time then it would be advisable to avoid this method. In that situation, it would be more prudent to renew the user’s registration personally by visiting the user’s local municipal office or a branch of BMV.

People Eligible For This Service:

  • Anybody who is renewing his registration for his Maine trailer.
  • The trailer whose registration the user wish to renew must be taxable and non- excise. These include Utility Trailers, Boat and Snowmobile Trailers, ATV Trailers and Semi Trailers among others. Some trailers are taxable. For example- Tent and Camper Trailers.
  • The user’s registration should have expired already. If not then the due date for the renewal for registration must be within sixty days of the date of application.
  • For renewing registration, an excised trailer through an online service then the user should relay the use of the Registration Service of Vehicles.  In order to enable the user to use this service it is necessary for the user’s municipality to be a participant in the Renewal Program.

Registration Renew Method:

Visit .

Once you are on the home page, click on the link “Renew your Vehicle/Trailer Registration”

Registration process is consisting on two steps.

Read Instructions:

There are certain things that the user need before the user start the process to renew the user’s registration. They are as follows:

  • The current registration number of the vehicle that the user wants to renew. If the user wishes to renew the registration for more than one vehicle then the user should have all the registration numbers available.
  • First 8 digits of title number.
  • License plate number.
  • Insurance information
  • Odometer reading
  • Driver’s license number
  • A MasterCard or a Visa Credit card.
  • A printer

The user has to follow the online instructions from thereon to complete the renewal process and hence the user’s vehicle will get registered.

Online Service Log In:

  • Enter your title number
  • Enter your plate number
  • Click on the “log in” button at the end.

The Fee Structure Is As Follows:

The fees for registration vary from vehicle to vehicle.

  • For vehicles under the gross weight of 2,000- 12.50 of U.S Dollars worth for one year or $24.00 for two years.
  • For vehicles over the gross weight of 2000- 22.00 of U.S Dollars for one year or 43.00 of U.S Dollars worth for two years.
  • The correct fees for registrations, which have expired is computed and the amount will be made known to the user.
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