Enter In Discount Tire Rebate Center Online To Get Back Money

Discount Tire Company was founded in 1960 that deals in wheels and tires in America. Company designed a web rebate center where you can submit your rebate online by following simple application. You must have your invoice with you to provide the data for refunding your amount as rebate.


  • You must have internet connection
  • Keep your invoice in your hand.
  • Offer code
  • Invoice number
  • Transaction date

How To Submit Rebate?

  • Visit the website at www.dtc.rebatepromotions.com .
  • You will access the website’ home page by following the above link. You will see three service listed in the horizontally placed bar.
  • Select “Submit Rebate” tab and provide the required data.
  • Enter your valid invoice details. Enter your offer code. If you can’t find the code click on “See example” link to locate the code on the receipt.
  • Enter your invoice. Double your number, it must match to your invoice.
  • Select the transaction date. Enter the date that is printed on your invoice number.
  • Enter your primary phone number, or the first phone number that is given on the customer information center of your invoice.
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • Follow the further steps as per directions to submit your application successfully.


  • Access online, save time and money
  • Get your money back
  • Simple, easy and secure source

Closing Remarks:

You can get your money back by accessing the online rebate center. You must have your valid invoice to provide the code, number and date etc. Submit correct details form your invoice online and save your time and money.

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