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Pennsylvania debt card of Eppicard is a great solution to pay bills for different services very easily and securely in the state of Pennsylvania, in USA. All these payments can be done online within shortest period of time. Now it is easier with the added advantage of managing the account online, by managing the PIN services and the balance transfer with a minimum or no charges. You just need to log in by entering your user name in the given box on this page, thus you can avail all the services of this wonderful payment method, shown on the left hand side of this page.

Some Useful Information About Card:

  • The card can be used only in all the fifty states of USA.
  • The customers can avail of numbers of varieties of VISA card or MASTER card or Cyveillance in Eppicard.
  • There are specific types of cards for each state of USA, which are very easy to obtain and use.
  • They are even different from ordinary ATM card because ATM debit card can be stolen easily whereas this card cannot be used by stealing as it is mainly an online service.
  • ATM card needs a yearly charge, but this card does not need any initial charge for logging in, though some additional services may need some nominal charges.
  • You should never share your login details of this card with anyone.
  • It is better not to use automatic log in system for this log in page of card, as the password can be discovered easily here.
  • Also you should properly log out of this page when finished using it, rather than just closing the page without logging out.

How To Register?

  • Visit .
  • On home page there will be many options of the cards select your card.
  • On next page select one of card from the given two options.
  • Click “new user” link.
  • Enter card number.
  • Create user id.
  • Enter CVV number.
  • Create password
  • Enter your SSN
  • Enter date of birth.
  • Enter email address.
  • Click on “submit” button.
  • Once you create your account you can log in through your user id.

Useful Details Of Card:

  • Card was started on August 2004 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the benefits of the debit card users.
  • It has proved to be most useful to the working parents, who need to pay several bills everyday regarding the upbringing of their kids. They can now pay their bills online with the help of the card.
  • The payments of the user are automatically loaded on his/her card and then this user can shop anywhere in any retails shop or online.
  • This card is also used to receive cash from another person online too.
  • A telephone number is printed on the back of this card, which can be used by the customers in case they face any problem regarding this debit card or have any related queries.
  • After you receive the card, you need to activate it just by calling up the Card Customer Service number, given on the back of the card and they will ask you to choose a number as your PIN, which is to be always kept secret.
  • Then the card is ready for use all over the state, but can never be used outside this state.
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